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Signatory Contractors



Alpha Mechanical Service, Inc

7200 Distribution Dirve

Louisville, KY 40258         



Website: www.alphamechanicalservice.com

P: 502-968-0121

F: 502-968-8116


Archiable Electric

3803 Ford Circle

Cincinnati, OH 45227

Contact: Michael Schroth

Email: m.schroth@archiableelectric.com

Website: www.archiableelectric.com

P: 513-621-1307

F: 513-621-8487

B & J Electric Company Inc.

6316 Wiehe Road        

Cincinnati, OH 45237

Contact: Mike Doerger

Email: mike@bjelectric.com

Website: www.bjelectrical.com

P: 513-351-7100

F: 513-351-7101


Banta Electrical Company Inc.

5701 State Route 128

Cleves, OH 45002

Contact: Gale Banta

Email: sbanta@bantaelectric.com

Website: www.bantaelectric.com

P: 513-353-4446

F: 513-353-3708


CE Power Solutions

4040 Rev Drive

Cincinnati, OH 45232


Email: info@cepower.com

Website: www.cepower.net

P: 513-563-6150

F: 513-563-1759


Chapel Electric Co., LLC

1985 Founders Dr

Dayton, OH 45420

Contact: Buck Ross

Email: buck.ross@chapel.com

Website: www.chapel.com

P: 937-222-2290

F: 937-222-1759


Cincy Electrical Solutions, LLC

4240 Rossplain Rd

Cincinnati, OH 45236

Contact: Nick Naber

Email: nnaber@cincyelectricalsolutions.com

Website: www.cincyelectricalsolutions.com

P: 513-237-7681

F: 513-297-0982


Debra-Kuempel Service, Inc.

3976 Southern Avenue

Cincinnati, OH 45227

Contact: Kevin Broxterman

Email: kbroxterman@debra-kuempel.com

Website: www.debra-kuempel.com

P: 513-271-6500

F: 513-271-4676


Delta Electrical Contractors

4890 Gray Road

Cincinnati, OH 45232

Contact: Dale Scheidt

Email: delta1@deltaelectrical.us

Website: www.delta-electrical.com

P: 513-421-7744

F: 513-421-8400


ECI Inc.

P.O. Box 53368

Cincinnati, OH 45253

Contact: Jeff Jones


P: 513-662-7500

F: 513-662-6610

Elex, Inc.

11000 Winton Road           

Cincinnati, OH 45218

Contact: Ron Kohorst

Email: ron@elexinc.com


P: 513-851-3539

F: 513-851-0403


ESI, Inc.

4696 Devitt Drive

Cincinnati, OH 45246        

Contact: Tom Schroth

Email: tom.schroth@esielectrical.com

Website: www.esielectrical.com

P: 513-454-3741

F: 513-454-0259


Elite Electrical Construction


1051 Mallare Creek Dr

Louisville, KY 40207

Contact: James Meyer






Gerke Electric

13 Philips Ave

Cincinnati, OH 45217

Contact: John Gerke

Email: jpgerke@gerkeelectric.com

Website: www.gerkeelectric.com

P: 513-641-5385

F: 513-641-0069


Ginter Electrical Contractors LLC

3930 Colerain Avenue

Cincinnati, OH 45223

Contact: Jim Ginter

Email: jginter@ginterelectric.com

Website: www.ginterelectric.com

P: 859-282-5020

F: 513-821-9329

Glenwood Electric Co.

12250 Chandler Drive

Walton, KY 45212

Contact: Phil Thaman

Email: pat@glenwoodelectric.com

Website: www.glenwoodelectric.com


P: 859-485-3700

F: 859-485-3701


Hilvert & Pope Electric, Inc.

11070 Southland Road

Cincinnati, OH 45240

Contact: Al Mundy

Email: inquiries@hilvertpope.com

Website: www.hilvertpopeelectric.com


P: 513-825-7685

F: 513-825-7689


Hollstegge Electric

P.O. Box 27

Miamitown, OH 45241

​Contact: Heather Hollstegge

Email: heather@hollsteggeelectric.com

Website: www.hollsteggeelectric.com


P: 513-648-9300

F: 513-674-0117




Hybrid Electrical Solutions LLC

1240 Montclair Court

Lawrenceburg, IN 47025

Contact: Brad Stevens



P: 513-383-3383  

Indrolect Company, Inc.

630 Wyoming Ave.

Cincinnati, OH 45215

Contact: Dave Schlager

Email: admin@indrolect.com


P: 513-821-4788

F: 513-679-6243


J&L Electric, Inc.

4002 N. 800 East

Milan, IN 47031

Contact: Jeffrey Laub

Email: jlelectric@seidata.com


P: 812-654-2187

F: 812-654-4035


Kallmeyer Electric Inc

1768 Clayburn Circle

Cincinnati, OH 45240

Contact: Kevin Kallmeyer


P: 513-470-1179  

Kastle Technologies

100 Cart Path Drive

Monroe, OH 45050

Contact: Lyman Smith, Jr.

Email: lsmith@kastle-tech.com

Website: www.kastle-group.com


P: 513-360-2901

F: 513-360-0083



Kathman Electric

8969 Harrison Ave.,

Cleves, OH 45002

Contact: Ray Kathman



P: 513-353-3365

F: 513-353-3740


Lake Erie

360 Industrial Drive

Franklin, OH 45005


Email: info@LakeErieElectric.com

Website: http://www.lakeerieelectric.com

P: 937-743-1220

F: 937-743-1227


M. J. Adams Electrical Contractors

3901 Spring Grove Ave.,

Cincinnati, OH 45223

Contact: Dennise Lally

Email: dennis@mjadamselectric.com

Website: mjadamselectrical.com


P: 513-741-1164

F: 513-741-1168

Mayers Electric Co., Inc.

4004 Erie Court

Cincinnati, OH 45227

Contact: Howard Mayers

Email: hmayers@mayerselectric.com

Website: www.mayerselectric.com


P: 513-272-2900

F: 513-272-2904



2323 Crowne Point Drive

Cincinnati, OH 45241

Contact: Mike Griffie

Email: mgriffie@m-pactcorp.com

Website: www.mpactcorporation.com


P: 513-679-2032

F: 513-679-2032


Paff Electric Co.

5115 Crookshank Road

Cincinnati, OH 45238

Contact: Nick Williams

Email: paffelectric@yahoo.com

Website: cincinnatielectricalcontractor.com


P: 513-451-1061

F: 513-451-7082



Phasor Electrical Services, Inc.     

555 N. Wayne Ave.

Cincinnati, OH 45215

Contact: Jack Lamping

Email: phasor.jlamping@fuse.net

P: 513-347-3500

F: 513-347-6501


Riverside Electric, Inc.

680 Redna Terrace

Woodlawn, OH 45215

Contact: Paul Gangloff, Jr.

Email: paul@riverside-elec.com

P: 513-936-0100

F: 513-936-0014


Seco Electric Co.

350 Pike Street

Covington, KY 41011

Contact: Joseph Schamer

Email: secojoes@fuse.net

P: 859-491-2984

F: 859-291-3770


Task Force Power

12630 Wesley Chapel Road

California, KY 41007

Contact: Kris Rachford

Email: kris@taskforcepower.com


P: 513-623-6290



T.J. Williams Electric

P.O. Box 586

Miamitown, OH 45041

Email: dianev@tjwelectric.com

Website: www.tjwelectric.com


P: 513-738-5366

F: 513-738-5375


TPL Technical Services

7526 Pickway Drive

Cincinnati, OH 45233

Contact: Tom Lott

Email: tpl@fuse.net


P: 513-941-9260



Troy Electric, Inc.

3530 Chapel Road

Hamilton, OH 45013

Contact: Tim Sneed

Email: troyelectricinc@zoomtown.com


P: 513-738-4145

F: 513-738-1629


United Electric Co., Inc

1309 Ethan Ave.

Cincinnati, OH 45225

Contact: Larry Farrell

Email: lfarrell@unitedelec.com

P: 513-542-6002

F: 513-542-2213


USI Inc.

9585 Cilley Road

Cleves, OH 45002

Contact: Marc Noble

Email: marcn@usi-electric.com


P: 513-954-4561



Wagner Industrial Electric

3178 Encrete Lane

Dayton, OH 45439

Email: info@wagner-ind.com

Website: www.wagner-ind.com 


P: 937-298-7481





ZW Telecom

1818 Fair Meadow Dr

Flornece, KY 41042

Contact: Patrick Friend

Email: pfriend@zwtele.com


P: 859-630-0627

F: 859-534-0258